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File: ReallyFlyable03-20-09
Works with Squire
Posted By: Saelemar
Thank you for the great Work. I seen that the Problem occour with Squire too, so i installed your Mod and wow, it works :D
File: Class Buttons03-02-09
Buttonfacade and Language Support?
Posted By: Saelemar
Is there Someone, who can add a Buttonfacade and/or Language Support for this Addon. I fixed the skills.lua to work on german Client and show things on my Client so i can live without an added translation, but the Bars look very ugly without Buttonfacade.
File: Endless02-16-09
Questhelper / Endless Problem
Posted By: Saelemar
When someone want use your Addon and have Questhelper installed too, your addon make questhelper to fail with an error. It work but just with errors. After i on my UI deactivated Endless then all apeared normaly without errors.
File: oUF_Caellian02-02-09
I have one big Problem with OUF-Cae...
Posted By: Saelemar
I have one big Problem with OUF-Caellian All looks nice if i play as an dd or Tank, but if i play as healer its realy hard to see when someone become Damage and need to be healed. Isn't there anywhere possible to make the Lifebar to change colour depending on how many life the chars have like at some percent go to yelow and if its...
File: oUF_Caellian11-15-08
Thank you for the Help Tyeni. I wil...
Posted By: Saelemar
Thank you for the Help Tyeni. I will add the Code to the File before i log in next Time in Game.
File: oUF_Caellian11-15-08
Pvp State?
Posted By: Saelemar
Hi i using OUF_Caelian, but there's things i miss inside. I play on an PVE Server an so i can't see if PVP is on or not. because of Quests which switch automatic PVP on i think to add this will be a good idea, but because i can't add this feature (low programming skills), i ask you, if u can add this in the Future Releases
File: Sorren's Timers11-19-07
Oh nice mod if ure not an Shaman. I...
Posted By: Saelemar
Oh nice mod if ure not an Shaman. If ure Shaman then u keep tracking your Totems forever.
File: PlaySound11-03-07
Thx now i can hear the Benny Hill S...
Posted By: Saelemar
Thx now i can hear the Benny Hill Sound on Dying. :D Much Fun on Wipes ^^
File: PlaySound10-26-07
Good Idea But what i miss is to...
Posted By: Saelemar
Good Idea But what i miss is to Play Sounds when things happen. Just like becoming aggro, dying etc. on dye an funny Music which makes you laugh or when mob is not in range an sound "You are to far away" or when you open an Screen an "Sssssttt" or what ever.
File: Cockpit01-22-07
an Idea
Posted By: Saelemar
Hello Can u maybe implement the function that on Flight the UI will disapear and the whole Screen is free of things to enjoy the Flight better. At the Blizzard Standard keybindings this is reached with a Press on ALT+Y. A automatic shifting within flight will be nice i think
File: Aura Aspects continued01-09-07
Nice Mod, but i miss the Ability to...
Posted By: Saelemar
Nice Mod, but i miss the Ability to display this things in the Regular Stancebar, where the Paladinauras, Druidforms and Warriorstances apear, cause i use Bartender3 with cycycled for Round buttons in my UI and these bars apear Rounded for me. the are more other mods that do it by place the Spells there, but they don't offer that num...