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File: GridStatusHealPriority02-03-08
Originally posted by ivanteo Anyo...
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Originally posted by ivanteo Anyone getting error about GridStatushealer not able to find instance of Banzai-1.1? I will fix this today. Grid recently switched to LibBanzai-2.0 on WowAce.com, and I rely on Grid's included libraries so I don't have to include them with my addon. The tricky thing will be that I might have to su...
File: GridStatusHealPriority01-30-08
No addons. It's using the options...
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No addons. It's using the options that comes with Grid. Enable text 2 in advanced and configure it to display missing health. Then disable the missing health on text 1.
File: GridStatusHealPriority01-11-08
Just updated with bug fix for ace2...
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Just updated with bug fix for ace2 HealComm version.
File: GridStatusHealPriority01-09-08
GridStatusHealer now has support fo...
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GridStatusHealer now has support for IncomingHealsLib (GridStatusIncomingHealth) and VisualHeal (both Ace2 and Ace3 version). This greatly improves the incoming heal detection. I also added pet support in anticipation of Jerry's branch version of Grid with pet support being merged Pastamancer's official version.
File: GridStatusHealPriority10-14-07
Need feedback...
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I would love to find out how this addon has been working for you and if anyone has any suggestions for improvements.
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Can you add KC_Items compatability?...
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Can you add KC_Items compatability? I've given up on Auctioneer.
File: GridStatusHealPriority10-10-07
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I'm at work right now, but I believe when you right click grid, "Status" is an option. In there you should see the healer: first and second priority. Then go to Frame indicators, and make sure the border is enabled for Healer: First, etc. Hope it helps.
File: Fizzwidget ReagentCost01-16-07
Yeah, I would love KC_Items compati...
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Yeah, I would love KC_Items compatibility as well, Auctioneer is a memory hog.
File: GridStatusHealPriority01-16-07
Originally posted by nampal Well,...
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Originally posted by nampal Well, didn't think that I could put both of first and second in the same corner :) (I already use frame border as low health warning). And now it's even better. I download GridStatusHealer before but didn't use it because the recommended system was just based on health, now yours is much better. Yes I...
File: GridStatusHealPriority01-16-07
Originally posted by nampal Great...
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Originally posted by nampal Great mod, i love it, but I don't use the second priority healer though, just don't want the square to get clustered with dot. I suppose if I disable the second priority and the mod still working good? 1) If you enable both First and Second priorities as border indicators, they will be different colo...