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File: Mountster11-27-09
flight form
Posted By: Cyko1
Mountster does not appear to support flight form. It does not show up on the mount list.
File: PerfectRaid_RaidIcons10-26-09
moving icons to right
Posted By: Cyko1
Is there a way in the lua I can change it so the icon shows to the right of the name? I've been used to seeing the debuff stuff on the right and would just like the icons showing in between the buff names and the name of the character.
File: PerfectRaid (Inc Heal)03-09-08
This definitely fixed the problem....
Posted By: Cyko1
This definitely fixed the problem. I've noticed when I've downloaded your mods before and when using the built-in unzip of windows, it has a problem because the zip files have for each folder has a file as well with the same name in it and the windows unzip just fails. The previous version of this mod didn't have that problem, but th...
File: PerfectRaid (Inc Heal)03-04-08
Yep, I've redownloaded whatever is...
Posted By: Cyko1
Yep, I've redownloaded whatever is latest from here at least twice and it still behaves the same way.
File: PerfectRaid (Inc Heal)03-04-08
Raid frames not showing
Posted By: Cyko1
The addon appears to be working since when I type /praid, it shows the options menu and has the new tab as well. But the actual raid frames aren't showing. When I reload the UI w/o just the IncHeal Module, the raid frames show again w/o changing any other options.
File: PerfectRaid04-14-07
Is there a way to share the buff/de...
Posted By: Cyko1
Is there a way to share the buff/debuff settings between characters? I added a lot of debuffs for my priest and didn't want to manually add them all back in for my other character.
File: AutoMountEquip03-12-07
I get some annoying anomally either...
Posted By: Cyko1
I get some annoying anomally either when i first get on the bird or as I am switching zones while on the bird. It will equip the riding crop when i do so. NOt sure if anyone else experienced this.