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File: Bagnon03-05-07
Getting a few errors continuesly wh...
Posted By: Heteric
Getting a few errors continuesly when I made a new toon for some reason: Error: attempt to call field 'ForAllVisibleNonCached' (a nil value) File: Interface\AddOns\Bagnon\core\frame.lua Line: 623 Count: 1 uses different line numbers...this is when I loot or switch weapons or armor. Also - Error: attempt to index upvalue...
File: Bagnon02-19-07
Woot! Thanx for the relpy and grats...
Posted By: Heteric
Woot! Thanx for the relpy and grats on 70 :) Look forward to the updates. Thanx again your mod rocks!
File: Bagnon02-13-07
Posted By: Heteric
Is this mod still being updated or should I move on? I love the mod, but can't check alts bags or banks as in previous versions also can't link items from bank. I used Bagnon and vBagnon for a while now love it I would hate to move on. :(