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File: NeedToKnow01-12-07
Can I start by saying this Mod is F...
Posted By: kazamx
Can I start by saying this Mod is FANTASTIC, thank you and well done. If I may be a real pain and beg grovel and plead for you to make a Mod just like this but shows debuffs to a mob. As a Druid I would love to be able to see Bash, Maim, Moonfire, Entangaling roots etc. I know there are other mods out there that do this sort o...
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Is there any chance that you could...
Posted By: kazamx
Is there any chance that you could make this work for Druids? In TBC many druids will be using Maim and an addon like this would be amazing
File: Bartender301-10-07
Re: Druid Bear Form hogs Key Bindings for Druid
Posted By: kazamx
Originally posted by jgomberg I noticed that when I shape shift into dire bear form, then back to druid form that I seem to lose my basic druid key bindings. Instead, I get messages saying that I don't have enough rage or other similar dire bear form announcements. I have to literally exit the game to reset. The problem repeats...