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File: LightHeaded01-07-15
Re: Re: LightHeaded / Carbonite 6 (Rythal) collision
Posted By: graymouser
When running these 2 addons, there is a 1+ minute startup freeze and a 2-second stutter. As I am a fan of this addon (anyone that can suck data from WoWhead deserves props), would you and Rythal mind coming to a resolution? I just installed Lightheaded and I'm getting the same 1+ minute freeze on startup. Just chiming in...
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION02-19-13
5.2.1 beta
Posted By: graymouser
Hey, I just logged in to find this update, and was actually moved to stir myself & comment: Fantastic! The map + minimap integration looks AWESOME. Very crisp - the embedded minimap used to bob back and forth as you travelled, shrinking & growing as the player arrow shifted off-center. Also, the alignment used to be off by a few...
File: NPCScan12-06-09
Using Irid1um's excellent lead, I w...
Posted By: graymouser
Using Irid1um's excellent lead, I went to wowdb and got all 433 rare + rare elites it knows about. I haven't combed through it for extraneous mobs but it loaded ok when I tried them all the first time.. Wow Interface tells me my list is too long to post here, so I've emailed a copy to saiket. link to offsite download removed - C...