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File: Mountiful12-19-08
again thx for the addon. Would be...
Posted By: SydForum
again thx for the addon. Would be possible to have way to make a way that the macro /pet just recast a random new companion when we left click it nd right click that macro it dismiss the pet?
File: Deadly Boss Mods12-18-08
Originally posted by blake7 Is th...
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Originally posted by blake7 Is there any way you can make the bars that appear on screen (both the normal and large ones) as well as the range box not take mouse events? This would allow them to be placed in the game field without restriction. Right now, they hinder gameplay since mouse clicks cannot pass through them. Thanks fo...
File: Mountiful12-15-08
Looks like /mount smart pre is not...
Posted By: SydForum
Looks like /mount smart pre is not woking at Shattrath. I use the macro and I get a ground mount and not a flying one as it should.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-07-07
Combat Display
Posted By: SydForum
I would like to know if that would be possible to have something like Combat Display that Perl Classic offers. Thank you a lot and keep the good work.