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File: Skaarj UI03-19-13
ahhh, i need an update fr this pack...
Posted By: dama
ahhh, i need an update fr this package :(
File: Skaarj UI11-30-12
Will you update your ui package? It...
Posted By: dama
Will you update your ui package? It doesnt work for me anymore with 5.1 and i cant play without it :/
File: Skaarj UI10-21-12
Hi, i have another "problem". Is...
Posted By: dama
Hi, i have another "problem". Is it a problem by me, oder something in the lua files. Everytime i loot, the is an auto "Ctrl". For looting this is ok, but when i bind new keys, it is a bit tricky. But i dont know where it comes from.
File: Skaarj UI10-14-12
Posted By: dama
Hi, first of all thanks for this great ui. But i have 1 or 2 questions ;) how can i see the other action bars? the three rows of actions bars arent enough for me. But i don't know how to make the other bars visible. and is there the possibility to make the bags just to make an all in one bag witout the sorting of the items....