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File: Broker_Garbage12-17-10
Equipment Manager related error
Posted By: Wingforce
I downloaded and am using 4.0v7a3. Thank you very much for adding the Equipment Manager to the latest version. I have added a couple Equipment Manager sets to my "Keep" list and as soon as I added them (and now when logging in) I get... 38x Broker_Garbage-4.0v7\util.lua:300: attempt to compare string with number Broker_Garbag...
File: Broker_Garbage12-12-10
Keep Equipment Sets
Posted By: Wingforce
Would it be possible to add an option (either via periodic table or other) to keep equipment sets?
File: LilSparky's Workshop10-23-07
Re: Re: AucAdvanced support without Auctioneer
Posted By: Wingforce
Originally posted by lilsparky darned typos... update and it should work. Confirmed, thanks for the quick response and great mod. Is there a better place to be posting bugs/issues or is this the right place?
File: LilSparky's Workshop10-22-07
AucAdvanced support without Auctioneer
Posted By: Wingforce
First off I did not do extensive testing, only limited. I am working on phasing out the traditional Auctioneer 4.0.5 in favor of Auctioneer Advanced. When I have both addons loaded LSW works as expected (combining the two prices). However when I disable auctioneer and leave only aucAdvanced enabled, LSW seems to fallback to vendor...