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File: Guild Greet12-26-07
Re: bugs (may be continued from 2.0.3)
Posted By: Mordikaiin
Yah it seems that's a bug, funny I never had that happen or seen it reported, but I gave the addon to another person who made an extended version which has everything i had planned and then some in it. Just look for Guild Greet Extended on http://wow.curse.com Originally posted by Waylo Player X just logged in however I haven't...
File: SimpleMD10-18-07
Great Mod, but this is already avai...
Posted By: Mordikaiin
Great Mod, but this is already available in Big Wigs! BUT wouldn't it be great to have a mod that makes a sound when your kill command ability is ready! :)
File: AntiSwitch07-25-07
yes that is true but this is still...
Posted By: Mordikaiin
yes that is true but this is still very helpful. Example: Turn it off to trap, then back on to resume attacking as u chain trap your target! Sure as hell easier to do it with one button click rather than opening options menu n doing it there! I think you will find it will up your dps by atleast 5%!
File: IgnoreMore07-19-07
Posted By: Xykon
I have this Mod it is Great it's added to my favs, but I am looking for a Mod that does the same as this but for your friends list. Can you make it or point me in the right direction? Thanks
File: Guild Greet07-19-07
Thank you, it's always nice to hear...
Posted By: Xykon
Thank you, it's always nice to hear from the users. Input is always appreciated. I haven't updated this mod in a while BUT I know that it still works fine. I probably won;t be updating this mod for a little while yet as it serves it's purpose and I decided ot abandone the Friends Greeting for certain reasons, If it's scanning your Gu...
File: SpamSentry05-01-07
Buggy, I am havin all kinds of issu...
Posted By: Xykon
Buggy, I am havin all kinds of issues with it, its blockin all incomeing whispers n not showing me nothing, as well as bugzappers goin crazy!
File: Guild Greet05-01-07
Mita: You can disable a Greet Type...
Posted By: Xykon
Mita: You can disable a Greet Type by removing allt he Greets in that category! Cre: Obviously you are one of the Millions of peopel who don;t read the read me's! you might wanna start doing that especially with wow addons or you might lose alot of stuff due to improper installation because you either fogot or didnt care to read t...