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File: nibWatchFrameAdv11-15-11
Only configuration is done through...
Posted By: WeeBaby
Only configuration is done through Config.lua Thanks, great addon but not comfortable with messing with behind the scenes stuff:eek:
File: nibWatchFrameAdv11-08-11
Well damn, great addon but I don't...
Posted By: WeeBaby
Well damn, great addon but I don't know Lua so I would need to make all my adjustments in game...am I missing something or is this not possible?
File: MountRandomMount03-17-10
Adding a button to action bar
Posted By: WeeBaby
Sorry if I missed it, but how would I go about adding a single button to action bar?
File: Mapster06-14-09
I love this mod! The only thing I s...
Posted By: WeeBaby
I love this mod! The only thing I seem to be having a problem with is when I click on coords in Lightheaded, it doesn't put a marker in my world map. Am I missing something? It would add one automaticly in Cart and the default map. Any clues?
File: Comix08-13-08
Dumb question.....
Posted By: WeeBaby
:confused:How do I access the menu??
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-06-08
Quick question
Posted By: WeeBaby
Since the patch and update etc, I don't have the actual health and mana amount on my target/focus frames just percentages. Prior to the patch it would show the actual amount on the health/mana bars and the percentage to the right side. I have checked the setup and the check box to show levels is checked but it is not showing up. Any...
File: TomTom03-03-08
quick question
Posted By: WeeBaby
I was just wondering if there was a way to remove all the little grey arrows that are in my minimap all at one time? Like maybe when I log out or move to a different zone? I love this program and is no big deal if I can't Not that much trouble to right click and delete waypoint, but as much as I use this little addon they build up pr...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-20-08
quick question
Posted By: WeeBaby
First off, this is a fantastic addon and one I could not live without. My question is this. It seems I can't adjust all the placements of targets, pets, and pets target with out actually having one at the time. Is there a way to have examples of a sort to guide me as I put my various frames where I want them? Maybe I missed something...
File: LightHeaded09-17-07
update questions
Posted By: WeeBaby
I currently have LightHeaded and absolutely love it! Could not live without it. I do have a couple questions, 1 when you put a new update here, do I need to delete the old stuff EVERY time to install the update? 2 Is the information from WoWHead is updated with your updates or do I need to update those other ways? I truly appreciate...
File: LightHeaded07-01-07
Just a question that may have been...
Posted By: WeeBaby
Just a question that may have been answered before , my apologies for asking again if it has. I am a huge fan of LightHeaded and was wondering if it is possible to use EQL with it? Maybe in the future??
File: TomTom06-20-07
I currently use Cartographer, Light...
Posted By: WeeBaby
I currently use Cartographer, Lightheaded (bloody awesome mod!!), and simpleMinimap. Was wondering if TomTom will work well with them and not cause a conflict.
File: LightHeaded06-13-07
Another vote for compatibility with BEQL
Posted By: WeeBaby
I love both this and Bayi's EQL would love to see them work together. Gotta tell ya bro, this is a bad arsed add on and I couldn't live with out it. Outstanding work!