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File: Hal's UI remake06-22-12
Posted By: Starsunder
I was actually just looking for this UI again. I used it forever back in the day, and I was wanting to find out the Custom Colors that Hal used in his UI, because I always like them better than the default colors for most UI's I'll have to check your version out when I get home.
File: Bartender403-25-12
Re: Errors by the dozens
Posted By: Starsunder
I'm starting to get massive amounts of bartender errors, but not on every character. Specifically on my DK I'm noticing tons of errors, I posted my chat log and 2 of the more common errors at the bottom. The errors always seem to stem from "BonusActionButton (#)" and "VehicleMenuBarActionButton(#) captured, click the link for...
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen04-11-09
Weird Issue, when I target a NPC I...
Posted By: Starsunder
Weird Issue, when I target a NPC I cannot attack the Alpha level of the target frame looks fine, when I target an attackable NPC the Alpha level is off and the target is transparent. Where would I change that setting ?