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File: Ion Action Bars09-07-11
frostfire orb spell will not work on action bars
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The mage spell frostfire orb will not work on the action bar. It becomes an inactive question mark.. Works fine from the spell book but not on bars any fix???
File: Ion Action Bars10-17-10
button coodown text
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Hi As a long time ie trinity bars user of the best damn add on in the game I would like to thank you for maintaining macaroon .. it's probably the reason i still play as without it Wow would be unplayable due to the effects of age on my hands.. I have looked for people asking this but seem to be the only one reporting thi...
File: Ion Action Bars04-17-09
Originally posted by RhoiDath Hi...
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Originally posted by RhoiDath Hi Maul, Loved your addons since Trinity first was about! The problem I am having at the moment is only with one of my characters. When I try to log onto my druid with Macaroon enabled, I get stuck on the loading screen for ages and then disconnected. This happens with all other addons turned of...
File: Ion Action Bars10-27-08
only sometimes.....
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Originally posted by Maul Possess/vehicle bars - Step 1 - update to latest version Step 2 - read FAQ on creating a possess bar Step 3 - eat BRAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS!!!!! :D This worked fine on all my characters accept the lock who already has a possess bar with buttons for demon form.. When he becomes a zombie he gets the...