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File: Aloft Alpha09-19-14
NPC health Bars
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Is there a way to hide only the health bars of standard npcs, critters and such, without completely disabling the nameplate modifications for that unit type? I can't even see the quest marker on npcs with the bar loaded. But i want to retain the modified unit name, with my fonts/coloring/sizing, just without the healthbar clutter...
File: VuhDo01-15-13
The UI scale is 1.0 (low), and the...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
The UI scale is 1.0 (low), and the panel scales are 2.5 for all in that layout.
File: VuhDo01-13-13
Not sure what /vd reset was suppose...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Not sure what /vd reset was supposed to do, but what it did, was shuffle all of the panels off screen someplace, from which i was unable to retrieve them. Needless to say, i didn't play with anything else. While recreating the layout from my 25m layout, i realized something. Panel 1's position does not change as you scale the pane...
File: VuhDo01-11-13
Panels moving around
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Having a problem with a 3rd panel moving around unnecesarily. It seems to happen if i join a group, and someone, myself included, changes specs. It cause my 3rd panel to realign to the bottom left of the screen above the chat box. I can move it back manually, or reload ui. Reloading the layout profile does not move it back, even if i...
File: ChatLoot10-14-12
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Really good idea, and thinking out of box. I wasn't happy needing more space either. Thanks.
File: NeedyGreedy10-08-12
Is this working currently? As of to...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Is this working currently? As of tonight, it is display no data on popup. The window pops on lootroll, but no a single thing is displayed. Nor are any errors evident. .Regards
File: Aurora09-04-12
Ace 2 -> 3
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I think this is the only Ace2 mod left on my system, and probably alot of others, with Ace3 having been available for years now. Any idea of upgrading the Lib soon?
File: QuestKing08-31-12
Thanks for adding the subzone stuff...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Thanks for adding the subzone stuff. I appreciate not having to make lots of changes to mods. One change i'd suggest is to remove the background color on completed quests. As for the tooltip scale, the first iteration worked better than the current. With the new system, the set scale lasts make 1min after login, and is soon replac...
File: QuestKing08-30-12
It's working so-so. It was fine for...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
It's working so-so. It was fine for a while, then when i stopped paying attention, it got reset. I think it was also reset early, by an auto-quest popup event, but that may be coincidence. I don't know if you can really *fix* this sort of thing. With the myriad popups that can be hit in rapid succession during normal gameplay, a sca...
File: QuestKing08-29-12
TipTac tooltip scale
Posted By: DaemonSambe
This has been bugging me for a while, and it's by sheer chance that i was able to finally identify a culprit. My tooltip scales are controlled by TipTac, and it's been fine for the last couple weeks as i played the Beta, because i wasn't using QuestKing. As soon as i loaded QuestKing to compare to some other trackers, my tooltip scal...
File: MoveAnything MoP08-29-12
Achieve Frames
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I'm not sure if this is on Live yet, or just Beta, but the Achievement frame now has another child. For Meta achievements such as Zone Quests, there's a sub frame for each location point. They don't seem attached to the default achievement frame. .Regards
File: Track-O-Matic02-18-12
Err. How do you enable Professions...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Err. How do you enable Professions tracking? Or any of the other categories, for that matter? Menu only shows Misc Info.
File: snDress02-12-12
Moving Frame
Posted By: DaemonSambe
There's no way to move the frame? Its default location places the close button directly behind a fulltime onscreen element of mine, making it impossible to close.
File: GrindLoot02-11-12
Something very wrong
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I tried to install on my system, and it blew up ! Half a dozen mods threw errors at me when this was enabled. From IceHud to Mapster, Atlasloot Enhanced and a few others. Some didn't even throw errors, just stopped working, or didn't load properly; HunterBars, SimplePowerBar. The UI Options panel was borked, with half of my mod list...
File: Darkmoon Faire (Quest Status)02-09-12
No. It's not any of those. In fact...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
No. It's not any of those. In fact i loaded a mule with no other mods, and was unable to view the tooltip information.
File: Darkmoon Faire (Quest Status)02-07-12
I cannot get this to show anything...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I cannot get this to show anything with TipTac. I use a number of other mods that repurpose tooltips, so any one of them could be a problem. List includes:
File: FarmIt01-14-12
Same problem
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Having the same issue. First time i've tried this Addon, and it blew up.
File: Scooter01-13-12
No, no. It doesn't have to worry ab...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
No, no. It doesn't have to worry about actually mounting. Just running, jumping. I already use YayMounts to mount. That's a whole other thing. Just the autorun, and jump to fly portions, are what i'm considering. I don't really know if it's possible, but have never really looked into it.
File: Scooter01-13-12
Just a way to fly with 1 button. Ba...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Just a way to fly with 1 button. Basically, in order to fly, you autorun, and jump for a second, which launches your mount into the air. That's all; a way to get a mounted player, launched into the air, and autorunning.
File: Scooter01-12-12
Run & Jump
Posted By: DaemonSambe
I currently use a programmable mouse macro, that does auto run, and jump for 2 secs, to facilitate flying. Think there is any way to get that to work with Scooter? If so, this would rock. .Regards
File: Ion12-21-11
Is there any information on this ne...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Is there any information on this new?? Heroic Will button? For Ultraxion, my button has never popped up. I guess it's an action bar, but i don't know if Macaroon is manipulating it in any way or not. Anyone have a way to make this work?
File: BossEncounter312-20-11
Posted By: DaemonSambe
All i get is this, which seems to prevent loading: 3x BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:89: attempt to get length of field "menuCmdSets" (a nil value) BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:89: in function "initFunction" FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:69: in function "UIDropDownMenu_Initialize" BossEncounter3\code\g...
File: NeedyGreedy12-08-11
loot rolls are failing to showup at...
Posted By: DaemonSambe
loot rolls are failing to showup at all w/ 1.9.0. For the entire party. Only getting the item, and the rows of players.
File: Super Duper Macro11-30-11
Re: 4.3-ready!
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Error still popping up: 36x SuperDuperMacro_Interface.lua:430: attempt to index field "icon" (a number value) SuperDuperMacro_Interface.lua:430: in function "sdm_UpdateList" SuperDuperMacro-2.4\SuperDuperMacro_Frames.lua:16: in function SuperDuperMacro-2.4\SuperDuperM...
File: Aurora07-29-11
Posted By: DaemonSambe
Aurora is messing up Mapster. When the Hide Map Border option is enabled, the WorldMap would sort of fade out, hiding the window, but leaving the map visible. With Aurora installed, it throws a black box behind the WorldMap, making it look pretty annoying. .Regards