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File: FaceShooter06-12-09
Originally posted by Crowfeather...
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Originally posted by Crowfeather Mhh, thereīs a function thatīs supposed to hide the frames when YOU get into a vehicle and both getting gripped by Kologarn or put into the pot of Ignis are considered as beeing in a "vehicle" by the UI. So my guess is it triggers not only when you go into a vehicle yourself but also when someone el...
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frames hiding on Ignis, every flam...
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frames hiding on Ignis, every flame jets i think edit: on Kologarn when he yells: I will squeeze the life from you! looks like frames hide every time when boss imobilize someone in raid edit 2: sometimes serpent sting show twice in row.
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sugestion: what about make "rotatio...
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sugestion: what about make "rotation" display mode default, its is much better that normal mode.
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Its posible turn of unitframes and...
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Its posible turn of unitframes and keep only D3 orbs? Thanks for help.
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can u help me make trigger or somet...
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can u help me make trigger or somethig for dazed mobs and feig death rezisted. thx