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File: dHunterTool01-10-09
Posted By: mips
Hi, I'm currently trying your add-on on a french client but spell name seems hardcoded. Any chance to make localized version? I can provided localized strings if needed. This add-on could potentially replace two others one I've + adding some interesting functionalities, so it will be great if you do it.
File: ViperWatch11-22-08
Working with french client
Posted By: mips
I've done a Locale-frFR.lua file to have this addon working with french client. Only the first sentence is mandatory to make it working, so the interface is still in english but doesn't really care. L = "Aspect de la vip\195\168re" It will be great if you include it in your futures release. Fill free to ask is something needed...
File: UnitButtons08-14-07
Thank for your work. I've feature...
Posted By: mips
Thank for your work. I've feature suggest : Add a bar for Focus if possible. Don't know how it's works but I guess it should be like Target