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They're not counting properly - i.e...
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They're not counting properly - i.e. when I actually have 3 chi, Real thinks I have 4 and when I actually have 0, it thinks I have 1 or 2. It seems to lose track when I'm in combat of the loss/gain. Noticing this same exact behavior on brewmaster I started today.
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Re: Tiny Problem
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Originally posted by Zexiøn Hello I just got your addon and so far I am liking it. The problem I am having is that it says I need the Delicate Inferno Ruby gem in most of my gear which i already have. I dont want to have to regem my gear with the same gems just so the addon says its ok. I dont know if it matters or not but I am pla...
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Originally posted by Game92 Uploa...
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Originally posted by Game92 Upload a pic, would be alot easier. It's forte, turn off one of the bars. I had to do it this morning. Can't remember which one it was tho.