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File: Elkano's BuffBars12-17-07
Originally posted by Elkano There...
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Originally posted by Elkano There is no way to distinguish between buffs cast by yourself and those cast by others. The only thing you could do would be to create new groups and use white-/blacklist filters to only show or hide those buffs you can cast yourself. WRT a menu for setting up all groups at once this is something that...
File: Elkano's BuffBars12-16-07
Just switched to this after using B...
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Just switched to this after using Buffalo for some time, and I'm loving it. Much clearer, especially when playing a paladin or class with many buffs. I have two suggestions: 1. Ability to filter buffs that I cast and ones which other players cast. Colour-coding these should help to categorize and ultimately present a layout...
File: Battlefield Locator12-07-07
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Been looking for something like this since we were forced into BG raids. Excellent! Thank you!
File: LightHeaded09-01-07
Re: Re: Cartographer_Notes
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Originally posted by Cladhaire At this point I don't have any plans to support Cart_Notes directly, but I'll look into it. I suggest using TomTom, as it should accomplish exactly what you're looking for. I've installed TomTom and it is indeed working just as I'd want it. As I have much of TomTom's functionality coming from othe...
File: LightHeaded09-01-07
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Love the addon, thank you for the development. The one thing I would like is for clicked co-ordinates to go into Cartographer_Notes instead of Waypoints. I always prefer to fill a new area with mapnotes before I begin questing, it enables me to better plan my quest path and just make things faster; as it is, waypoints personally...
File: SpellBinder03-07-07
Could we get some support for a Mag...
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Could we get some support for a Mage's Water Elemental please? I'm unable to connect to WoW in order to test a more updated version at the moment, but this support hasn't been added according to the changelog. I must say that I really love this addon, it's simple and does exactly what I want (minus above feature ;)).
File: Nameplates Modifier02-16-07
Just wanted to say that this is an...
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Just wanted to say that this is an excellent addon, and the textures make it much more worthwhile. Forgot to add this in my previous comment. However, I can only get HP percent to show. Is this normal, or am I just failing miserably? I have MobHealth installed, but nameplates always displays the percent.
File: Nameplates Modifier02-08-07
Nice looking addon, giving it a sho...
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Nice looking addon, giving it a shot. Originally posted by Shadowd Will see what I can do, do you have a specific set of textures in mind, or you just want the ability to set a texture file? I personally think the ability to change the texture itself would be nice, but the charcoal texture would be a nice starting point.
File: Fishing Ace!02-03-07
Sounds promising, just replaced Fis...
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Sounds promising, just replaced FishingBuddy and I'll take it for a spin when I get around to it :).