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File: MetaMap05-03-16
Posted By: Dalarian
Message: ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN: MetaMap tried to call the protected function 'JoinBattlefield This popup is a long standing MetaMap annoyance. Thankfully it is cleared with a /RELOAD I would assume it is some kind of Taint issue.
File: MetaMap01-02-15
New Nagrand showing Old Nagrand notes
Posted By: Dalarian
6022 fixed the Shadowmoon Valley old and new notes problem, but Nagrand still has the problem of showing notes for Outland in Draenor. Also the FWM coloring comes and goes, so I had to turn it off again.
File: MetaMap11-17-14
duplicate zone name check
Posted By: Dalarian
The NEW Shadowmoon Valley is displaying the Notes from the Old one. You need to do a check for zone name and continent now to get the correct one. Also you can not add notes to the new Draenor capitol, Stormshield. And it needs them badly, since everything is spread all over the place, sometimes behind buildings.
File: TradeSkillDW03-21-14
Re: I think I'm confused
Posted By: Dalarian
I figured out how to queue up a bunch of items, and then I hit 'do'. It did the first thing, and stopped. I thought it would go through the entire list by itself once I hit 'do'. What did I do wrong? Nothing. This "problem" is hard coded by Blizzard. They require keyboard input for each different item in the queue. It all...
File: MetaMap09-13-13
missing nodes ok now
Posted By: Dalarian
I believe it was a Blizzard problem. After the small patch today, nodes are again showing on the main map. I use Gatherer, so I do not even have the Metamap Tracking module installed. Sorry for the confusion. I assume that is also why when I tried to turn tracking on in Metamap, it immediately went back to off, just by opening...
File: MetaMap09-13-13
Track Herbs/Minerals
Posted By: Dalarian
From the Options button dropdown. You can turn Track Herbs/Minerals On, but it always reverts to OFF. And therefor it never shows known nodes on the map. Is this Blizzard or Metamap?
File: MetaMap08-18-13
Battlegrounds Queue
Posted By: Dalarian
When I try to Queue for a battleground (either random or specific) I get the "Metamap has been blocked from action only available to the Blizzard UI" with the Disable or Ignore buttons. If I ignore, I do not queue, if I disable I lose Metamap. Any suggestions?
File: Fizzwidget FactionFriend08-30-12
With 4.3.3 the reputation bar alway...
Posted By: Dalarian
With 4.3.3 the reputation bar always shows full purple. If I hover over it with the mouse, it will display the correct text, but the colored portion never changes even when I change factions. I am using BarTender 4.50 EDIT: Upgraded to Bartender 4.51 and it solved the problem.
File: Armory12-08-10
How do you delete obsolete Guild Ba...
Posted By: Dalarian
How do you delete obsolete Guild Bank info. I did a server transfer and still have old server Guild Bank data.
File: SolaceGlyphs10-30-10
How about keeping track of Glyphs k...
Posted By: Dalarian
How about keeping track of Glyphs known on the current toon and all alts, and showing that info in the tooltip when you mouse over a glyph. Whether from the Inscriptor's profession window or while browsing the AH.
File: OmniCC09-23-10
Originally posted by AnrDaemon So...
Posted By: Dalarian
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Sorry for me asking, but have you tried raising font size? Since it's "minimum to display"... Ty, rofl, I was stuck in the old system of lowering the number until it worked. I raised it to 12, and all is good now.
File: OmniCC09-23-10
With the 3.0 setup, cooldowns appea...
Posted By: Dalarian
With the 3.0 setup, cooldowns appeared again on small icons (ie debuffs on Targets). I went to Interface, Addons, OmniCC, Display, and changed the "Minimum font size to display text" from 9 all the way down to 2, and I tried unclicking "Automatically scale text to fit within frame". Neither got rid of the tiny CDs. So how d...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window09-10-10
I did a cut and paste of Techno's...
Posted By: Dalarian
I did a cut and paste of Techno's changes, and I still got the 896 error. So I changed line 896 to add the "1", and now I get errors on the 1731 lines. So now what needs to be changed?
File: StatBlock_Durability06-30-10
Blizz Paper Doll
Posted By: Dalarian
Is there any way to run this addon and Display the Blizzard Broken Equipment Paper Doll at the same time? I couldn't find a setting to allow the display of the red/yellow doll.
File: Sell-O-Matic02-05-10
I have been using AutoProfitX for a...
Posted By: Dalarian
I have been using AutoProfitX for a while now, but I would like to upgrade to SOM since it is being updated. I tried it the other day, and the only small feature I see missing from AP, is that when you hover over the Sell Icon, AP will show a small tooltip of how much money you will get if you sell at that moment. It lets me kn...
File: UberQuest02-02-10
UberQuest's best feature is the siz...
Posted By: Dalarian
UberQuest's best feature is the sizeable moveable chooseable quest minion. Even with it not showing the money or XP gain, it is still worth running right now.
File: UberQuest (Fan Update) (WoW 3.3.x)01-21-10
Inside the game, the addon shows Ub...
Posted By: Dalarian
Inside the game, the addon shows UberQeust 3.2.2 at the top of its pane. Also the 1st time you pull it up, it gives the error "Error moneyType not set", when trying to display the quest detail pane. And it does not appear to be showing the experience or money values in the detail pane. I did completely delete the old addon fol...
File: MetaMap12-23-09
Excellent Work! Thanks again for...
Posted By: Dalarian
Excellent Work! Thanks again for all of your work on this great addon. and Merry Christmas!
File: MetaMap12-15-09
At some point you need to remove th...
Posted By: Dalarian
At some point you need to remove the BLT (Boss Loot Table) module as it is completely out of date (and a lot of people use what it was copied from, AtlasLoot). And does anyone still use the TRK(Tracking), QST (quest log) or NBK (Notebook) modules? I personally never use the BWP (Better Way Points) module, but I assume some stil...
File: MetaMap12-07-09
Re: Maps
Posted By: Dalarian
Originally posted by omeglidan How do I get Blizzard's new instance maps to show up instead of the default MetaMap maps? Right Click on the MetaMap map....and you get the Blizzard map instead.
File: HealBot Continued11-28-09
1st go to the Tips tab and click th...
Posted By: Dalarian
1st go to the Tips tab and click the box for "Show target information" this will give you all but threat on the tooltip. Threat is on the bar itself, in either a flashing manner or text bars to show who has aggro. Not sure why you need ANY macros at all. The default setups are all pretty good, with only minor tweaking to make...
File: Armory11-19-09
Re: Re: Turn off sharing or some features
Posted By: Dalarian
Originally posted by Warmexx See my reply on http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/armory/tickets/31-default-to-major-bloat/ Thank You! This is exactly what I needed. It's been so long since I had been to the Interface/Addon tab that I had forgotten about all the config options. Would you consider adding a link to it from the...
File: Armory11-17-09
Turn off sharing or some features
Posted By: Dalarian
How do I turn off sharing of Professions? When I use the sharing menu and unclick the option, it immediately rechecks it. I am trying to reduce the size of my armory.lua file as it has grown to a size that I am uncomfortable with.
File: UberQuest Reborn Again 3.2.1 (PTR 3.2 ONLY)07-21-09
error on latest PTR build
Posted By: Dalarian
Message: Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:1728: attempt to index global 'UberQuest_Config' (a nil value) Time: 07/21/09 08:29:31 Count: 1 Stack: :18: in function <:4> : ? Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:1728: in function `UberQuest_ScanToolTip' Interface\AddOns\UberQuest\UberQuest.lua:671: in function
File: MetaMap05-24-09
Northrend instance notes?
Posted By: Dalarian
just wondering if it will be possible to put Mapnotes (with ctrl-enter) on the new Blizzard Northrend interactive instance maps?