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File: XBar11-29-11
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* TOC Update for patch 4.3 * XBuffBar: Add Ardent Defender, Holy Shield * All bars will now initialize later if player logs in during combat a lockdown
File: XBar06-28-11
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Updated for 4.2 patch.
File: XBar04-27-11
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Posted a new version with Focus Fire for you! :)
File: XBar04-26-11
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Update for 4.1, I'll add Focus Fire to XPetStuffBar in a day or so.
File: XBar03-14-11
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New version(s) up with Dark Intent and Inner Will added, also some minor bug fixes.
File: XBar01-09-11
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v4.06 up with fixes, also Mounts and Companions have separate bars, now. @Senjin: Not sure why it says "Incompatible", does it say this in the WoW client or a 3rd party program? I have not had this issue, and no one else has reported this problem.
File: XBar12-29-10
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New version up, if you use or have ever used the XBar Binding interface, you should read the patch notes carefully.
File: XBar10-31-10
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Posted a fix for the slider and bind UI errors. @Vamp: What you do is go to a character, doesn't matter which one, and create 3 new profiles, one for each character. For example, lets say you have 3 chars named Charone, Chartwo, Charthree: Type in Charone into the profile text box and hit new, then repeat for Chartwo and Chart...
File: XBar10-20-10
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Fix up for the profile UI. Also, you can now import spells via spell ID. This was done as some of the non-US translations are messed up and include non-typeable characters (such as the Warrior spell Cri d'intintimidation in frFR). @Vampyrate: You need to create a new profile, and switch to this profile on your other toon. See t...
File: XBar10-15-10
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4.01 up with some fixes, I will look into the profile issue. XBar has never used Ace, and I hope it never will. I think the XBarLocalizer plugin that I used for awhile used Babble, but that was as close as it got. That plugin has been gone for a long time. The bars that have been discontinued will not be resurrected in the futu...
File: XBar10-13-10
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Ok 4.00 up, lots of changes, please read the change log. You MUST convert all your item names to item IDs for all of your custom bars. You can find the item ID if you look the item up at a site like wowhead (it will be the number on the right of the URL). Blizzard changed some things that affect the way LUA code is written, also made...
File: XBar09-22-10
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Thank you for your posts about this. It's rather wierd, the FrameLevel of the menu buttons spontaneously change to behind the backdrop. The way the menu expands internally is all done with Blizzard code, and it seems kinda odd to me, as there does not appear to be a certain thing that triggers it. I have included a workaround in...
File: XBar09-08-10
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Version 3.33 up. For key binding, go into the bar you want to bind keys to, select the spell, and a "Bind" button appears. Click on it and use the controls in the window to bind keys.
File: XBar08-10-10
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New version up with some much needed GUI revamps for the options GUI.
File: XBar06-20-10
v3.31 up with a small bug fix. @...
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v3.31 up with a small bug fix. @Ookami.kun: XBar supports individual profiles (called option sets here). Read about how to use the option sets in FAQ.TXT @kxuhx: Make sure you're following the guide shown in the readme, also be aware that the name is case-sensitive. After you set it up, make sure the button shows up as a chec...
File: XBar03-29-10
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Fixed the long-broken pet XP bar. I had lost track of the issue, but someone pointed it out to me once again. :)
File: XBar03-15-10
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New version up with bug fixes, optional buff highlights, and (drumroll) context sensitive help menu! :banana:
File: XBar12-08-09
v3.28 up
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v3.28 is up for WoW patch 3.3. @BJRubino: I can't reproduce that error, try typing the following: /xbar resetmod xcompanionbar @Strobi: The pet XP bar comes from XPetStuffBar, although it is a separate frame. You'll see a + at the bottom below the list, click that, then you should see a menu. Options for the pet XP bar are...
File: XBar11-23-09
Go into the options by typing /xbar...
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Go into the options by typing /xbar config Click the + and select XPetStuffBar, then find the + down at the bottom and clidk it, you will see the options for the pet XP bar there.
File: XBar11-20-09
Re: Re: v3.27
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File: XBar11-20-09
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Thank you all for your reports and patience, 3.27 up with some companion fixes.
File: XBar11-17-09
Peyana: XBuffBar does not have any...
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Peyana: XBuffBar does not have any spacers in it, so there is no wrapping available for it. I would suggest making a custom bar if you need a specific configuration. Drakkondarkspell: XCompanionBar did reset the settings upon upgrade, but should be saving the settings like normal, even if the companion isn't detected initially....
File: XBar11-14-09
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v3.26 up, fixed some issues with the slide bars and XCompanionBar now lets you limit the # of shown pets, reducing lag. This fix was implemented so that the majority of users will not need any special configuration. XCompanionBar limits the number of companions shown by simply ignoring them after a set number, so you will get the...
File: XBar11-10-09
CompanionBar causes anyone with lot...
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CompanionBar causes anyone with lots of companions massive lag, but I hope to implement some fixes for it soon. As for the Custom bar, sometimes they don't show up right away, sometimes you have to open your spellbook or move something in your bag to get it to display. Also, make sure you have the names typed exactly (case sensit...
File: XBar09-26-09
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New version up with some background fixes. XBarLocalizer is no longer needed, so that should eliminate any problems that anyone had with it.