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File: DragEmAll11-04-10
Resurrect Frame
Posted By: pearsop
Could you add the Resurrect Frame. Its the one that pops up when a character dies. Thanks
File: nibMicroMenu10-18-10
Re: Re: LUA errors
Posted By: pearsop
Originally posted by Nibelheim Sounds like the Addon didn't get installed correctly. That line exists only in the WotLK version of nibMicroMenu. Try fully deleting the current nibMicroMenu folder, and re-downloading the latest nibMicroMenu. You were absolutely correct. I mistakenly downloaded an archived version. Oooops. Thank...
File: nibMicroMenu10-18-10
LUA errors
Posted By: pearsop
Hi, I'm new to nibMicroMenu. I just installed 0.6.3 and I'm getting LUA errors when I hit escape to go the the game menu and when I hit Return To Game from the game menu. I noticed that in the options for nibMicroMenu there are only 9 Text/Font buttons, there isn't one for the Game Menu and Keyring. Could this be the issue? Mes...
File: EnemyScanner12-19-09
Please add targetting capability...
Posted By: pearsop
Originally posted by mikma Unfortunately we can't change the targets in combat, so adding that feature in would be pointless. (This feature requires changing the lines to "/target name", which cannot be done in combat) I would also like to see the ability to target an enemy player by clicking on the list. I understand we can'...
File: Event Alert - Fan Update10-07-09
Thanks so much for posting this upd...
Posted By: pearsop
Thanks so much for posting this update. I've been waiting for this!
File: Bagnon07-06-09
Re: Re: Can't Search
Posted By: pearsop
Originally posted by ServerError Did you try "To find an item by type, subtype, or equip location, type t:. "t:weapon" will find all weapons. "t:main" will find all main hand items." as is set on description ?! Well, karma is a beach. I'm now one of the people that I laugh at when its obvious they don't read ins...
File: Bagnon06-29-09
Can't Search
Posted By: pearsop
I'm going back to a previous version simply because the Search function isn't as versatile in this new version. I use to be able to type in "armor" and it would highlight all the armor in my bags, now that doesn't work. Even better, I could type in "chest" or "feet" and it would highlight the armor that is for that slot. This was...