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File: Daviesh's Aspect Frame02-28-10
is this addin dead?
Posted By: rpar01
Is there any chance that this addon will be updated?
File: XBar06-06-07
If you feel like digging, change li...
Posted By: rpar01
If you feel like digging, change line 578 in XBar.lua (Function XBar_UpdateCooldowns) to: CooldownFrame_SetTimer(cooldown,start, duration, enable); (This is towards the end of the function after the 'if (start>0 and duration>0) then' statement) Did that and it works great. Thank you for the quick response and great addon.
File: XBar06-05-07
I love this addon, it is way overdu...
Posted By: rpar01
I love this addon, it is way overdue and I appreciate you taking the time to make it. I noticed today however that my timers don't work on my trapsbar. As a hunter this is a feature that i have realy come to rely on. I tried two different cooldown mods. Omnicc and cooldown count and neither worked on my trapsbar. Is support for those...
File: TomTom05-27-07
about waypoints
Posted By: rpar01
I am not sure how to set waypoints. do I have to type in the coords or does it do it automatically when I click the coords in the questlog via lightheaded? Also where is the arrow that points the way?
File: Addon Manager05-24-07
does this work on a mac?
Posted By: rpar01
I haven't downloaded this yet, I am at work and just browsing on my lunch break. but does this work on a Mac?