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File: GetLink02-14-07
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Originally posted by Spiderkeg Until the author makes such changes, could you demonstrate what changes you made in the meantime? Well my change is quite simple, i think the Author just forgot it as its really easy to put that in: bot.lua local links, ret = GetLink:Retrieve( (arg1:sub(string.len(saved....
File: GetLink02-13-07
Thanks it works now :) Just 2...
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Thanks it works now :) Just 2 things: 1. Hide the Output just display a message as with the old GetLink Bot 2. Display people a No results warning if nothing is fouind(was able to fix that in myself for now)
File: GetLink02-04-07
How to configure the Bot?
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Hi there, i love using GetLink and the GetLink Bot. With the new version though it wont work. Its enabled and all GetLink itself is working. but if i configure the bot to use !item = /gl bot trigger !item It wont work :-( I tried setting it in many different ways /gl bot trigger /gl bot trigger item /gl b...