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File: ArkInventory08-24-07
Mod went fubar on my wife's machine any ideas to help
Posted By: bobrandon
Ok. My wife had version 1.39 and hadn't updated in a while and was having issues so she updated the mod it converted the old "custom sets" to new rules. 1. It didn't assign anything with the custom set to its cooresponding new rule 2. When she manually assigns them to the new rule the item will not go to the approiate bar for th...
File: MetaMap02-07-07
Options menu dissapearing
Posted By: bobrandon
I have disabled all my addons to make sure this was not a conflict but it still does this. With the map open when i click on options the menu appears for bout 2 seconds then disappears and i have to click on options again. It really doesn't give time for me to select anything. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this or how to...