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File: LightHeaded12-15-10
Originally posted by Cladhaire .....
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Originally posted by Cladhaire ... You can download LightHeaded via wowinterface.com. There are email feeds, and RSS feeds that are updated when a new version is released. That should be sufficient for any user. I rely on RSS feeds for lots of info; I cannot find an RSS link for Lightheaded, would you be so kind as to point...
File: tekKompare05-20-10
What I have found happening is tekk...
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What I have found happening is tekkompare is unloading itself with every change of zone, or every occasion where I get the loading screen. I have to go back in and turn it back on. I am using no other comparison addons.
File: QuestGuru07-03-09
Problems when only one quest remains
Posted By: lininjim
Hi, firstly, thank you for the addon. I am having a problem whereby if I have 2 quests left in my log, I am following the second one, complete it, it disappears from my log, then I cannot get any info on the remaining quest as it still looks at info for the previous quest. I am using Lightheaded and it is the info in there that I...
File: Nomnom12-02-08
This does not work for me. I can br...
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This does not work for me. I can bring up the config, enter the food, hit "enter", the names stay there but it won't feed my pet when I click on the icon that pops up.All I get is the Blizzard hand, which I can point to food in my bag and it feeds my cat that food, but that's what feed pet does anyway.
File: Geist11-19-08
Is there a slash command to get the...
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Is there a slash command to get the config up, because I can't get it to show. It is in my addons but doesn't show in keybindings either.
File: Possessions01-15-08
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Any idea why this works when I first use it but never again after that? Typing /poss just gives me the standard Blizz error message about typing /help...etc
File: Cartographer02-08-07
Nothing happens
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I downloaded this because I loved Gatherer and someone said this was better (and working) However, it is activated in my addons but nothing comes up. Your instructions to put the mining and herbalism folders across, well...where are they? They weren't in the download of Cartographer and I can't see them on here. How do I turn it on...