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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-05-09
3D Portraits get wonky
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Thanks for the tip, will try it. Actual Stuf issue. I am using 3D portraits in full body mode. Works great most of the time except on Thorim last night. Its like I was zoomed into his shoulder or something. All I saw was gray and it was moving. I assume this is due to his size and this will likely happen on other bosses too...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-04-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Could we configure to make it druid-friendly
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Originally posted by totalpackage By the way, you can target/focus people on a mouseover macro. First...LOVE your unit frames. Really like the raid frames, but I will need to play with them more as a mainspec healer used to the customization of grid and healbot for several years now...I am not sure they will meet my needs, but...
File: STeam Pixel Modular Texture Package05-04-09
@deep I am a noob w/ kgpanels too,...
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@deep I am a noob w/ kgpanels too, so I dont know if or how to do what you are asking...but perhaps another solution: If your panels cover most of the lower portion of the screen(as it seems in your screenshot), you can change your aperture so that the bottom of you view starts higher on your screen. As an example I will show my w...