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File: Totem Timers11-26-07
Minor annoyance
Posted By: Wapsitax
In the latest version (7.2e) on a low level shaman (one low enough to not have any totems) there's a 'deadspace' center of the screen that you cannot click through to get normal mouse click interactions (targetting, attacking, mouselooking, etc) - this can be fixed by disabling the "Show totem timers" option. I assume once the shaman...
File: Totem Timers11-16-07
Posted By: Wapsitax
Thanks for the updates Zulah, but it seems that 7.2b is still the current download version.
File: Gem Viewer09-25-07
How it SHOULD have been.
Posted By: Wapsitax
Hey! Not only do I use this addon, but I love it! This interface is how Blizzard SHOULD have made the gem searching. Keep up the good work! :D
File: Elephant05-25-07
Much obliged! :D I can't really...
Posted By: Wapsitax
Much obliged! :D I can't really tell you how much of a headache this addon has saved me time and time again!
File: Elephant04-29-07
Simple request.
Posted By: Wapsitax
I would love it if you'd actually change the zip file to just include the "ChatLog" folder - just uniformity with most other addons. Minor convenience is all. :D Thank you for this wonderful addon!
File: cgCrafty02-09-07
Tainted Coooode
Posted By: Wapsitax
The latest version appears to taint reapplying poisons (and I'd assume other temporary weapon/gear enchants) when there's already one applied. This may only be true when the "fast enchant" option is/has been enabled.