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File: PhanxChat01-19-08
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This seems to be a very popular Chat mod... I would like to see some screenshots if possible? Planning to add any?
File: XPBarNone02-24-07
Originally posted by gwyndyn Anyo...
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Originally posted by gwyndyn Anyone get the latest wowace version working yet? I'm afraid to update from there until I know if it's working. Yea same here.. To afraid to update it to try.
File: XPBarNone02-17-07
Originally posted by kayda I have...
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Originally posted by kayda I have an error with the latest download, which is causing the xpbn bar to not show up at all. : XPBarNone\Core.lua:5: Cannot find a library instance of Waterfall-1.0. Cartographer-r28157\Libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:422: in function `AceLibrary' XPBarNone\Core.lua:5: in main chunk Yep, s...
File: XPBarNone02-16-07
Is there an update comming soon for...
Posted By: MrRotten
Is there an update comming soon for the latest patch? Not sure if its due to it being outdated or something is just wrong. But my XpBar isn't showing up anymore with XpBarNone. Infact that addon isn't even loading any longer. I've checked it, checked it again, and doubly checked it to ensure its enabled, and loading. But for some rea...