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File: ShardAce Cataclysm01-04-11
For some reason the soulstone won't...
Posted By: bladehawk
For some reason the soulstone won't announce. The others are fine but SS will not. I looked in the WTF folder to try and do a clean install but the shardace files there didn't seem to do the trick. Any help would be appreciated. And thank for the great addon we really appreciate the updates
File: ShardAce WoTLK12-19-09
Any chance for an update with the n...
Posted By: bladehawk
Any chance for an update with the new 15 minute soulstone?
File: DoTimer10-14-08
Posted By: bladehawk
I love this mod, but the new notifications interface is pretty confusing for non-programing folks, I like the old UI for it better where you selected the actual spell. At least have samples of full instructions. I used to have a raid/party announce 5 sec before banish ended, I have no idea how to do that with this UI. It's also d...
File: DoTimer06-21-07
Originally posted by Asheyla I am...
Posted By: bladehawk
Originally posted by Asheyla I am still investigating this issue; sorry for the inconvenience! i think i may have fixed it, though I still have some testing to do to make sure. DOT time Remaining, it won't trigger on a dispel, but it works
File: ShardAce06-12-07
Soulwell and healthstone tracking
Posted By: bladehawk
Can you let us add an optional Soul-well button or ctrl-click the health stone to cast that instead?
File: ShardAce05-22-07
Oh No it Broke!
Posted By: bladehawk
Is this being updated for the latest patch?
File: DoTimer02-12-07
Dotimer Broken
Posted By: bladehawk
Been using DoTimer for a long time and for some reason Immolate stopped displaying and notifications stopped working. (other buffs do not always dispaly aas they used to as well. I've deleted the dir and re-installed, but these issues persist. How do I delete all references to Dotimer (without loosing my other settings) to do a "clea...