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File: flagRSP BC10-19-07
Friendlist trouble
Posted By: Rionne
My Friendlist opens in 0.6.0, but does not seem to actually function. Even after opening the game-native friends list, Friendlist does not recognize when characters are online, nor does it update their entries. I'm also a bit confused because there was no Friendlist folder in this release... I initially deleted all three flagRSP...
File: HotCandy02-12-07
Gift of the Naaru?
Posted By: Rionne
I've just installed HotCandy. I like it thus far, though really can't contribute much further comment until I start using it in instances. One thing I did notice - it does not recognize the Draenei racial spell "Gift of the Naaru" as a HoT. That would be a wonderful addition to the AddOn! One of my guild member said that...