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File: Yay Mounts01-03-11
Hi, first ! this is a great addo...
Posted By: Azukar
Hi, first ! this is a great addon thx for it. Is it possible to add an option, to instantly change as druid from any form to flightform without switch into Humanform, and if you are in flightform change back into the last activ form. (example: Moonkin>instant Flight>back to Moonkin) hope you understand my english ^^
File: SpellPriority11-16-09
Hi wollte mal fragen wie man ein se...
Posted By: Azukar
Hi wollte mal fragen wie man ein selbst erstelltes Tacticfile weiter geben kann
File: nUI11-07-08
Hi, First... this Addon Comp....
Posted By: Azukar
Hi, First... this Addon Comp. is the best i ever seen. Gratz ^^ Second ... in the german localization the slashcommands "/nui console an" also "/nui console off" dont work. There is only the message nUI: ist kein richtiger Wert für die Consolen Sichtbarkeit... Bitte wähle zwischen AN, AUS oder mouseover mouseover...