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File: Elkano's BuffBars12-13-07
Saving Profiles Option?
Posted By: kadaan
I've noticed that all my characters share the same settings. Is there any way to save different settings for them? I have a group for self buffs to make it easier to see what I need to refresh. On my mage I put in mage armor, AI, etc. I'd like to be able to have different buffs in that group depending on which character I'm on....
File: Bongos206-09-07
Re: bars
Posted By: kadaan
Originally posted by trav I cant get the empty bars to go away, and I cant use the bars that have something in them except to access their menus. What did I miss? Under the "Action Bars" menu tab you can uncheck "Show Empty Buttons" to not show the empty bars. If you can access their menu, you're still in edit mode. Go to t...