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File: InterruptBar04-07-08
Any chance of this being developed...
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Any chance of this being developed into a fullblown enemy cooldown tracker? I'm aware that many abilities are subject to talents or gear bonuses, but you could set up in the config which assumptions to make. (Most players who would use this would probably set it to highest assumptions (IE: warrior has improved intercept, and gear...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar02-21-08
Any chance of better enemy cooldown...
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Any chance of better enemy cooldown tracking been implemented?
File: InterruptBar02-21-08
Awesome. I've been looking for some...
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Awesome. I've been looking for someone to construct an enemy cooldown counter of some kind for awhile now. Is it possible you could also implement other spells abilities/spells?: Psychic Scream - Make 30 second cooldown, with a secondary count for 26 - player can judge. Howl of Terror - 30 seconds Intercept - Make 15 second c...
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-21-08
A little help, if you wouldn't mind?
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Is it possible that I can add triggers to announce when combat potency, ruthlessness, relentless strikes, mongoose, perceived weakness, dragonspine trophy, etc., proc? And if so, how? Thank you.
File: StunWatch-Rogue - 20200c11-22-07
Hello sir. Thank you for your work...
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Hello sir. Thank you for your work on this add on. I'd like to suggest that you include other spells which may be helpful to time for rogues under a second anchor. Example: You're playing with a frostmage or shadowpriest and you wish to coordinate silences. There is a second anchor for imp kick, silence and imp counterspell whi...
File: Antagonist10-28-07
Enemy Cooldowns
Posted By: matcauthonrh
This doesn't seem to be working with the cooldowns I really, really want it to track: Kidneyshot Blink Psychic Scream Howl of Terror Frost Nova Have I got it configured wrong? Would really appreciate assistance.
File: Proximo10-27-07
Sorry to post again, Grayhoof, but...
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Sorry to post again, Grayhoof, but another idea just occured to me, If my posts are annoying please tell me to stop, I won't post anymore. Anyway, could you have it switch targets on mouseclick, or even by automatically switching to *** targets on mouseover (of their ingame char) and retargeting last enemy? Using some sort of /target...
File: Proximo10-27-07
Thank you for replying Grayhoof! I...
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Thank you for replying Grayhoof! I appreciate it. Your well informed answer put an end to a two week search I would have continued in vain. Even without that functionality, Proximo is an amazingly useful add-on. Might we also expect Target of a Target functionality (so we can see who is targetting what,) minicastbars for enemies,...
File: Proximo10-26-07
/focus and stealthies.
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Hey, Grayhoof, I would really appreciate it if you could address this comment. First of all, I really love your add-on but it has one achilles' heel, in my opinion, and that is the inability to focus/target people if they appear after combat begins, most notably teams with stealthies. I'm interested in figuring out a way to set p...
File: Clique10-26-07
Arena macros
Posted By: matcauthonrh
Hi! Can I use this with arena unit frame mods? It would be awesome if I could mouseover somebody's portrait and blind them with a mouse click.