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File: X-Perl Skin UI (now supports WS)05-03-10
Finally, my UI has landed!
Posted By: Wyveryx
I love this UI, I've been using my homemade UI for a long time but from time to time I like to change things up a bit, keeps things fresh for me. There is only one major problem I'm having, I use 1920x1080 WS. I figured that I'd have to do some moving of KG panels to make things work but I am having a problem getting the panels to...
File: IceHUD09-22-08
I managed to just turn off the text...
Posted By: Wyveryx
I managed to just turn off the text. It is still buggy and throwing errors left on right, but at least I don't have alot of meaningless text at the bottom of the hud. The only other thing is that the mana bar seems to be wacky too. It won't update itself unless you target youself. I hope it can be updated soon, I hate not using a...
File: OmniCC07-31-08
Originally posted by salish I'm u...
Posted By: Wyveryx
Originally posted by salish I'm using Bartender 4 since today and it seems, that my omnicc is not working with this mod. Is there anything i can do to make it work again? thanks in advance I'm in the same boat. I don't see anything that OmniCC used to show, however with no BT4 it works. Anyone got any clues?
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-21-08
Feral Druids Got Mana?
Posted By: Wyveryx
I have tried to search the places where msbt is located but haven't found a repsonse so far, sooo....:( When I am in Meow Form and my energy is low I get a low mana warning, though I have disabled the sound i still see the warning. Tried to find a trigger for low energy but found nothing. I have the same issue when in bear form an...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window06-28-07
so what was the change with 6.6? I...
Posted By: Wyveryx
so what was the change with 6.6? I couldnt see any changelog and when i overwrite the files they have the same modification date as the previous version...
File: Mendeleev05-25-07
Hey Thirn I got the same issue, I d...
Posted By: Wyveryx
Hey Thirn I got the same issue, I don't know what happened but since a few updates ago it started this. please post a way to fix it...anyone :confused:
File: DemonTrainer (Continued)04-05-07
It no workie for me :(
Posted By: Wyveryx
would love to have this working, but after installing and going to Demon trainer it shows nothing, and when I attempt to see what I've already purchased it errors. Course it errors when I try to see what I can learn anyways... :confused: Any news on this?