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File: SCT - Damage02-23-07
Just to help out others who didn't...
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Just to help out others who didn't know. I found out that the crits displaying problem wasn't SCTD at all. It was the Blizzard's own implementation of scrolling text. So when I disable SCTD, and enable WoW's target's damage option in the scrolling text combat menu, I got the crits to display how I thought it would be. The only pr...
File: SCT - Damage02-21-07
Anyone has similar problem with cri...
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Anyone has similar problem with crits displaying in sequential order? Is there a place for us to configure how crits looks? Thanks,
File: SCT - Damage02-19-07
Same as the previous topic
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The crits are appearing sequencialy and not randomly like before. Did I do something wrong? Thanks