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File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-26-08
Originally posted by Phatrik Don'...
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Originally posted by Phatrik Don't know if this is a rBuff issue or a bug by the game itself: Sometimes all buffs lose their timers and you have to /reloadui to get them back. Mouse-hovering over the buff/debuff doesn't show any tooltip either. Having this issue myself, seems to happen when I have more that 4 buffs up. Had to...
File: nMainbar10-19-08
Hey, Love the mod, however I am...
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Hey, Love the mod, however I am not a fan of the button paging for stances. I know its not your addon doing it and its the default blizzard ui but is there a way to disable it? Thanks.
File: Bongos202-21-08
Bongos and eePanels
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Hi there, I have always been a fan of Bongos, one of my first addons used. Today I tried to add some eePanels borders to my UI making use of its Parent options. I used the macro, "/script message(GetMouseFocus():GetName())", which works for everything I have tried it on. Just shows what the frame is called, I tried this on Bo...