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File: DoTimer10-18-10
NO Target at all
Posted By: SenseiLoki
I am having an issue with DoTTimer I have it set up but I am having it show ALL HoTs and DoTs I cant, but when I have no target at all selected it is showing ALL of my HoTs and DoTs. Now this really becomes an issue when I have SB SoC (if I am affliction spec and it hits and procs Corruption on all targets and I have no target select...
File: SpartanUI10-14-10
There was a function to disable Tar...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
There was a function to disable Target of Target. I used it before but Since this Fan update replaced my files (as any addon will) I can not remember how to make it so Spartan does not show Target of Target. Anyone know how? I thought it was in the ouf/lua but I am not seeing it now
File: pMinimap12-08-09
Yes thank you for the update. I was...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
Yes thank you for the update. I was afraid I would have to find yet another new minimap lol.
File: PitBull 3.008-07-09
Originally posted by Nualla8673 I...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
Originally posted by Nualla8673 I am new to Pitbull and am banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why I cannot target someone, maybe to inspect them or invite them to a group. And for me to leave a raid/party, I have to log off. I have not figured out where that option has gone. I know I'm missing something really...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch04-15-09
Does this work with Death Knights n...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
Does this work with Death Knights now? I have had a problem lately and had to switch to another hud because when I was on my death knight or targeted a DK i would get an error and no hud would come up.
File: DHUD for 6.001-20-09
Target of target not working
Posted By: SenseiLoki
For some reason even when I have target of target selected it does not show up. I have been using MetaHUD and find this better with that little exception. I tank and I like to know who the target has on target if it is not me. I use pitbull but dont have target of target enabled and dont want to have to use it cause i like the hud ve...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch10-30-08
Originally posted by Nuckin Sense...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
Originally posted by Nuckin SenseiLoki: ... very strange, try MetaHud ToT without any other addon enabled and double check that ToT is enabled in the interface options for MetaHud. Will do. But any word on the bug with health and mana not going down?
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch10-30-08
I am still getting a bug where it i...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
I am still getting a bug where it is not displying my ToT. I norlamy have target of target thru the HUD and not my Unit Frames. But with Meta's ToT not working I am left with x-perls tot and I dont like it. Any news on when this will be functional? Also there is a bug with my health and my targets health not going down until I sw...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-28-08
I dont want to surf thru all these...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
I dont want to surf thru all these comments so forgive me. But will this version retain the previous x-pers setting? Stupid question as I think yes but some setting of other addons have not retained
File: HighRoller04-01-08
Originally posted by DanKOzz :mad...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
Originally posted by DanKOzz :mad: Remove the cheap [email protected]@ expliot of an add-on. This so wrong in so many diffrent ways, please remove :mad: LOL just install it and have fun with it. on a side note best addon ever
File: Sorren's Timers02-07-08
I have not downloaded this yet beca...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
I have not downloaded this yet because I have a few question. 1. I have ebb and love it will not replace it. Will this interfere with ebb? 2. can it be configured to show JUST ONE skill/spell? I am asking because i will only use this on my paladin to let me know when seal of light is about up. Thanks
File: LittleExclaim11-14-07
WAY TO GO. I am glad that a person...
Posted By: SenseiLoki
WAY TO GO. I am glad that a person found a way to do this. I have not logged in to check it out for myself but it looks nice. Again thanks and this is going into my downloadable ui.