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File: Aloft (Beta)10-23-14
Posted By: acapela
I am going on hiatus, possibly permanently. There are a variety of reasons, the main one being sheer boredom :(. My subscription(s) expire 2014/11/03, after which I won't have access to the game. If you wish to take over maintenance of Aloft, please contact me via PM.
File: Aloft (Beta)10-23-14
Release: Aloft-6.0.1-2593
Posted By: acapela
A new release of Aloft is available, pending moderator approval: Aloft-6.0.1-2593. This has a fix to the recently reported cast bar problem (non-interrupt colors/etc not showing properly).
File: Aloft (Beta)10-22-14
Hi! I have a different color set fo...
Posted By: acapela
Hi! I have a different color set for non-interruptable casts. For some reason it's not working. I was able to reproduce this. I will do some testing and release in the coming days.
File: Aloft (Beta)10-19-14
Re: State Icon
Posted By: acapela
Is there any way to use a custom texture for the state icon rather than the default golden dragon? I've had a bit of a search through the comments with no luck, so apologies if this has been answered before. Thanks :) No, at this time it is hardcoded to the Blizzard texture. Probably wouldn't be too hard to feed the Blizz...
File: Aloft (Beta)10-18-14
Re: Missing Battle Pet Nameplates
Posted By: acapela
I just did a clean reinstall of WoW and I seem to have lost my Battle Pets' (both friendly and enemy) nameplates display in Aloft. I for the life of me cannot find the correct section of the configuration to fix it. Can someone point me to the correct setting? Thanks! Take a look at Blizzard's "Interface>Names" options (on thei...
File: Aloft (Beta)10-03-14
Release: Aloft-5.2.8b-2574
Posted By: acapela
A new release of Aloft is available: Aloft-5.2.8b-2574. This contains an attempt at a fix for flickering duplicate unit name text. It is minimally tested, but it contains a pretty minimal change, which seems to work in the said minimal testing. There is a potential for taint errors ("Interface action failed because of an AddOn"...
File: Aloft (Beta)10-02-14
Re: Re: Re: Name Flash
Posted By: acapela
Upate: I am not seeing this problem on the PTR/Beta realms. Ironforge training dummies appear normal. I applied the fix anyway, just to make sure, and will be testing. I will release an "alpha" incorporating this in the coming days. I just saw the image at imgur of the targeting dummies. That is exactly what I'm seeing too. Al...
File: Aloft Alpha09-22-14
Re: Re: Re: NPC health Bars
Posted By: acapela
So with that said, I take it there is nothing in the API to say put an icon in the nameplate that would show the quest marker or flightpath marker etc. ? Short answer: fundamentally correct... though the issue of placing graphics on the nameplate is not the problem (that is "easy"). I would need a way to to find out if a condition...
File: Aloft Alpha09-19-14
Re: NPC health Bars
Posted By: acapela
Is there a way to hide only the health bars of standard npcs, critters and such, without completely disabling the nameplate modifications for that unit type? I can't even see the quest marker on npcs with the bar loaded. But i want to retain the modified unit name, with my fonts/coloring/sizing, just without the healthbar clutter...
File: Aloft (Beta)09-18-14
Re: Name Flash
Posted By: acapela
I keep having names flashing on my nameplates. It happens when i move my screen or hover over them. It has been happening since i installed the addon. Its not giving me a lua error Not seeing this at all. I am going to need your saved variables file, so that I can install it locally and try to re...
File: Aloft Alpha09-17-14
Perfect! Once you have it up, I'll...
Posted By: acapela
Perfect! Once you have it up, I'll try again and see if it happens. Keep up the good work! Alright, new Alpha is released (Aloft-5.3.2-alpha3), with a fixed and tested cast bar. Let me know if there are any problems.
File: Aloft Alpha09-14-14
Been getting this error on and off...
Posted By: acapela
Been getting this error on and off in WoD: 2x Aloft\Aloft\AloftCastBar.lua:567: attempt to index field 'castRegion' (a nil value) Aloft\Aloft\AloftCastBar.lua:567: in function `DoShowCastFrame' Aloft\Aloft\AloftCastBar.lua:546: in function `?' ...oft\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0-6.lua:147: in function <...oft\Li...
File: Aloft Alpha09-10-14
I was wondering since i didnt see i...
Posted By: acapela
I was wondering since i didnt see it in the FAQ section on (beta) is there a way to turn on the "Reciently damaged only"? box in name plate glow? Ahh, yes, good catch. The option was programmed to be dependent on functionality that was incorporated into "Name Text", and then deleted from the "build" (i.e. code that is now no long...
File: Aloft (Beta)09-10-14
Aloft Alpha for WoD released
Posted By: acapela
A WoW-6.0-compatible version of Aloft is available here. This is for use on the current PTR, and in the WoD Beta. Please give it a try, and leave feedback on the Alpha page. Thanks.
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper06-19-14
Version Fixed automat...
Posted By: acapela
Version Fixed automatic re-follow after combat Fixed automatic quest abandoning for characters with significant level differences Fixed taxi sharing for characters with different known flight paths More fixes for Blizzard's lazy API inconsistencies Yes, much better, thanks! Follow, Mount, and Taxi function...
File: Aloft (Beta)06-13-14
The elite dragon icon is not being...
Posted By: acapela
The elite dragon icon is not being displayed properly and I still have not figured out how to fix that. P.S.: Is it possible to abbreviate NPC's long names? Go into Aloft's "State Icon" options, and adjust size/position as desired. If you are running an old enough Saved Variables, there may be some conflicts, so watch for that....
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper06-02-14
Posted By: acapela
Quick feedback. Installed Hydra 5.4.8-175, cleaned out saved variables, enabled all debug options, formed a 2-character group (both on the same realm), performed "add group". Follow "works". I can confirm the issues with mount functionality. Same settings as the other user documented (mount with group on, use random mount of...
File: Aloft (Beta)05-30-14
Release: Aloft-5.2.8-2574
Posted By: acapela
a new release of Aloft is available, pending moderator approval: Aloft-5.2.8-2574. this release addresses Blizzard's change in WoW-5.4.8 to certain console variables (including all of those related to nameplates), precluding altering their values during combat.
File: Aloft (Beta)05-24-14
SetCVar protected in combat?
Posted By: acapela
update: it appears the answer is "yes", but it is specific CVARs that are protected, not the SetCVar() function. Blue post (My initial google search didn't turn this up.) I will compare/contrast with Blizzard default UI activity (i.e. are Blizzard's keybindings active durin...
File: DisplacedEnergyWatcher04-21-14
Name change incoming
Posted By: acapela
FWIW, in the interest of avoiding additional controversy, I have made the software changes required to alter the name of the addon to "DisplacedEnergyWatcher" (the most innocuous/sanitized variant I could think of). I will release this here (and change the addon description and associated WoWInterface page names/etc) as soon as I ha...
File: DisplacedEnergyWatcher04-20-14
I understand how the word Nazi is m...
Posted By: acapela
I understand how the word Nazi is meant by you but as a German I don't understand how anyone comes on the idea to use it in this way, there are so many better words. Its creepy how words get abused so easy. Have you every thought about what a Jew woud think while downloading and using this addon? And what happens now if you google...
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper03-01-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Quest Functionality
Posted By: acapela
If that's the case, there's probably just nothing I can do about it. When it happens, does any part of the default UI's quest display stop working? If you register for the same events in another addon, are they received there? At this point, I have seen the problem crop up even when there are no LUA errors for the session. I will...
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper02-24-14
Re: Re: Quest Functionality
Posted By: acapela
That's pretty weird. None of the quest API functions are protected in any way, so taint shouldn't be a factor. At least with that info I can try to reproduce it. some refinement of this. i have observed a few cases where there is an error in BugSack, but Hydra is unaffected. here is an example of the sort of error that seems to...
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper02-23-14
Quest Functionality
Posted By: acapela
Regarding quest functionality: I am finding quest autoshare/autoaccept functionality stops working as soon as any addon catches a LUA error. As far as I can tell, the perpetrating addon can be anything, and completely unrelated to Hydra. In fact, I am seeing LUA errors that apparently originate and propagate entirely within Bli...
File: Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper02-22-14
Re: Re: The Guild repair button you automated for me in .139
Posted By: acapela
Are both/all of your characters on the same realm? Are you using the keybind or the slash command to request your other character(s) follow you? Are you in a party or raid group? Are you inside an instance? Are there any players in your group who aren't on your trusted list? If you reset your settings, did you remember to re-add your...