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File: BasicMinimap05-20-09
Originally posted by funkydude SE...
Posted By: Cillian
Originally posted by funkydude SETTINGS RESET = 1 profile for all characters now So is there anyway to set the minimap differently for 2 characters? I kept wondering why the minimap would be messed up when I switched between my toons.
File: SLDataText04-26-08
Bag text coloring
Posted By: Cillian
I looked through a couple pages of posts and didnt see this listed so I thought I would ask. I'm trying to get the bag numbers to color based on the available slots. So green when you have almost empty bags then progressing through yellow, orange, and red when you are about to fill up your bags. Does this functionality exist? I'v...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-29-08
Turning off all buff options
Posted By: Cillian
Zeksie, I noticed that I can turn off Bliz's default buffs if I have x-perl's buff option enabled and vise versa. Is there any way to turn off the default buffs and x-perl's buffs? I like to use Elkbuffbars but cant seem to find a way to just show them.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-18-07
Aggro Alert
Posted By: Cillian
I know the solution to this is probably really simple, but I cant for the life of me figure it out. How do I turn the agro alert on? Up until recently, I would always get a big red "agro" in the middle of my screen and now I dont have it anymore. I have no idea how I turned it off and therefore dont know how to turn it back on....
File: Cartographer10-08-07
Thanks for the info. I know right...
Posted By: Cillian
Thanks for the info. I know right after the patch I had the "rock" icon on my mini-map but I kept having to switch out mods and go to previous versions due to errors I kept receiving. I dont even know if I have the Rock Framework installed anymore.
File: Cartographer10-08-07
Cartographer1 download on WowAce
Posted By: Cillian
So I've been updating Cartographer off wowace and noticed that there is another download called Cartographer1 that states its an Ace2 override of Cartographer. :confused: What does that exactly mean? It looks like ckknight always updates them at the same time so do I need to run that Bat file if i'm updating cartographer? I rea...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-13-07
Error with 2.3.2a
Posted By: Cillian
Just loaded the latest and when I logged in and started playing i got the following error: "Interface\addons\XPerl\Xperl.lua:2355: Usage: XPerl_Freetable()" I had to reload the 2.3.1 in order to get rid of the error message.