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Re: VehicleUI in combat -- SOLVED
Posted By: Thalen
I think I've figured out what's going on with the VehicleUI in combat. It seems Ion has tainted the built-in actionbars, so when the VehicleUI tries to show in combat, it just throws a bunch of protected function errors and bails. The culprit is the function ION:ToggleBlizzBar() in Ion__Core.lua (line 1705). It seems that this functi...
File: Ion11-27-12
Same, it's not an isolated situatio...
Posted By: Thalen
Same, it's not an isolated situation. Got through a raid with it, but really doesn't help any ;-)
File: Ion04-23-09
Originally posted by Machiavelli...
Posted By: Thalen
Originally posted by Machiavelli Having the same problem. Is ther anything I can do to fix this? Not knowing if I am using a spell rank 1 or 13 is killing me :D Thx in advance (And I love this mod, almost forgot to say that :D) I'm pretty sure now that this is cosmetic, since I had my best DPS night last night...if ev...
File: Ion04-22-09
Originally posted by Radoznali i...
Posted By: Thalen
Originally posted by Radoznali i noticed with lates build that on some of my char spells on my bars are of rank 1 mostly and i even i move max rank spell from my spellbook it doesnt helps even though if i try to cast them they use max rank spell(i know it has to do with that you cant downrank spells any more so effect is the same-d...
File: Ion04-21-09
Re: profiles busted
Posted By: Thalen
Originally posted by Abacinate logged intoday and both my profiles seem to be warped with some ? keys and then im getting some resetting of the WTF all of a sudden, so frustrating. Any idea why ? how to fix. It seems like it won't recognize my resto profile when i load it either now I had that ? problem until I respecced, t...
File: Ion04-20-09
Re: DC on log in on my druid
Posted By: Thalen
I may be having the same issue with disconnects... For quite a while (can't tell you the versions), I've had my client lock up on login...the bars seem to be partially loaded only, and everyone comes up as 'unknown'. It's not consistent, but it happens occasionally. Definitely not tied to dual specs or stance bars in my case,...
File: Ion11-23-08
Posted By: Thalen
Originally posted by Tirok A standard possess bar still works, but siege engines now have their own little bar that comes up, which completely screws up this bar mod. Basically, for those of us who use it, we have to either turn off the mod or skip it entirely, that's about it. Go into the interface and turn the blizzard bar o...