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File: ShardAce WoTLK05-23-09
Something the old shardace did that...
Posted By: teknihx
Something the old shardace did that was a nice feature even if it wasnt noticed by the majority was if you shift left or right clicked (i forget) the healthstone icon when you had one made, and you were targeting a player.. it opened up trade and put the healthstone in an avaiable slot. This is handy for dispersing a healthstone t...
File: ShardAce07-10-07
Posted By: teknihx
Hello again.. thanks for the great mod! I was wondering if /sa relic could be expanded upon. Such as /sa relic firestone or /sa relic spellstone to toggle them individually. I, like many, will probably never use the firestone and since this addon saves me so much screen space, it's a shame to waste some at all :) Thanks again!
File: ShardAce03-10-07
Originally posted by Norque No, t...
Posted By: teknihx
Originally posted by Norque No, the author got a job, leaving him a LOT less time to work on mods. Such is life [/QUOTE Nooo.. didnt you ever see Waterboy?? Jobs are the devil! What about those of us that can't live without your addon :P Edit: Thanks for the update :)
File: ShardAce02-25-07
Re: keybindings, argh
Posted By: teknihx
Originally posted by velandra How do I make this stop?! I really like this addon to clean up my interface, but the stupid keybinding happening randomly while I'm playing is driving me nuts. I use ctrl frequently for many actions. I'm getting extremely frustrated by this feature. I reverted to an older version of ShardAce for no...
File: ShardAce02-22-07
Shard Ace
Posted By: teknihx
This and DotTimer are my 2 favorite addons!! ShardAce just got even better, with the shardshatterer, and keybinds built in.. the ctrl and right click bind is messing up my entire interface though.. i use ctrl keys for binds and vent all the time and im always reassigning everything.. Please have a way to disable this. Ideally...