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File: ViksUI08-31-14
A few things.
Posted By: Azrael78
OK, so I am loving that all these features are included in one addon. The things I am wondering about is the button just above the Guild chat windows on the right that shows your addons, how do I turn that off? And the main issue is that my Bartender never seems to stay correct after I have copied it from the Viks profile. Am I doing...
File: SmartBuff10-30-13
Still getting an error
Posted By: Azrael78
I'm getting an error that says "SmartBuff v5.4a not initialized correctly!" when I put in the /sbuff rafp command. Is there a fix for that yet or what's up?
File: Recipe Radar10-02-12
Is there another addon that does th...
Posted By: Azrael78
Is there another addon that does this that anyone has heard of?