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File: Chat Frame Extender 203-01-07
Re: Re: Where's the box
Posted By: arayenya
Originally posted by Satrina Seems I mixed code streams when I uploaded last, and got the half with the edit box moving stuff removed. I'll finish what I am working on for the chat edit box and get that uploaded ASAP. Ah that would definitely do it. Great to have the mod back in action once again - I've bounced around a fair b...
File: Chat Frame Extender 202-24-07
Where's the box
Posted By: arayenya
Awesome to see that the mod is back. Quick question, though - where's the option to put the edit box back to the bottom of the window? The instructions say it's there, but I can't see it anywhere in the GUI configuration section. Is there a slash command that I can use? Arayenya