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File: VitalWatch08-25-07
Great Thanks! that also solved ano...
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Great Thanks! that also solved another problem I was having with a different addon Originally posted by seyek @Daerien: If you want to completely reset the settings for any addon, you will have to delete the file in your WTF folder. Go to .../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/YOUR ACCOUNT NAME/Saved Variables and delete the file...
File: Bagnon08-25-07
Who are these T00Ns?
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Hiya, 1st of thank you for your hard work. I love this mod. I'm just having a small issue at the moment. Is there any way of purging the character list? I don't understand it but I've got info for toons that don't exist anymore and some I've NEVER had.
File: VitalWatch07-22-07
Originally posted by Qynova is th...
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Originally posted by Qynova is there a command i can type in to get the configuration options instead of clicking on the mini map button? srry if this has been said above or below but i didnt see it er... ya... what he said. I unchecked the "enable" option and now the minimap button has disappeared. So now I can't access it t...
File: MetaHud02-27-07
metaHUD gooness - energy ticker?
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I too love this simple and elegant mod. I was wondering if an energy ticker was in the works. I seem to remember previous versions having one built in to the borders of the energy bar (which is awesome) so any chance of getting that back? OR is it there and my noobishliness is showing OR l notice there is a check-mark for Energy Wa...