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File: NinjaPanel06-25-10
I love this panel...but... Cladh...
Posted By: Chryyz
I love this panel...but... Cladhaire, do you think you could add some configuration options for the bg and border? Opacity and color selection would be great. While fumbling around in the lua with very little knowledge of the code to personalize my panel was entertaining, I'm sure most people won't take the initiative. =P
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames03-01-07
Originally posted by TrinityJayOne...
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Originally posted by TrinityJayOne 1. I've recently installed a compilation package and I want to shift my unitframes around it to make everything neat & tidy, but the inability to move party frames individually is killing me. :( A picture paints 1,000 words so here's a (crappy ASCII) diagram- You can accomplish this with the...