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File: Dominos11-11-10
Any chance for buttonfacade support...
Posted By: Zepnic
Any chance for buttonfacade support? StormFX said it was up to the add-on authors to add support for border coloring.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)02-23-10
Any chance for decimal numbers for...
Posted By: Zepnic
Any chance for decimal numbers for position and scale? I want to have everything perfect in my ui, but when I move my portrait by 1, the lowest possible, it moves 2 pixels... :( Also, why no option to color my pets health bar by his happiness? Thanks for a awsome addon!
File: MobMitigation03-04-07
Posted By: Zepnic
I was looking for a addon that did this for quite some time now. Thanks for creating it! Only used it for one day but works great so far. (only seen the armor calc so cant speak for spell resistance) Some thoughts I have: 1. A shorter / command please? /mobmitigation is too long for me. (hadnt even bothered checking how "mitigat...