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File: Possessions12-06-07
Posted By: magicmanz
The original Possessions 2.0.3 introduced a small checkbox to toggle whether the other faction (Alliance/Horde) should be searched too. I'm playing mainly on PvE Alliance side, and when I try to browse/search my Horde character, the list is simply empty. Any chance this could be fixed/added? Or have I simply missed something on the i...
File: DoubleWide03-05-07
DoubleWide & other mods?
Posted By: magicmanz
I've just witnessed some "weird" behaviour, I'm using nQuestLog (ace addon, if that might be a cause), a mod which adds the usual quest levels in front of the quest names in the quest pane, and has its own tracker, but leaves the quest pane untouched otherwise (no buttons moved etc. to my knowledge). DoubleWide works fine with i...