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File: StatusInfo08-13-10
i like it
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just wanted to tell you that.. cheers
File: Gem Viewer01-03-10
Hi there i am using a German cli...
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Hi there i am using a German client and i found that in the german local section there is no translated texts. they should be in the sienasGemViewer.lua, correct? Can yo help? Thnx Message: Interface\AddOns\sienasGemViewer\sienasGemViewer.lua:799: bad argument #2 to 'find' (string expected, got nil) Interface\AddOns\Auld...
File: RatingBuster06-11-07
i can hel with the german local, if u still need this...
Posted By: deabith
so I say DB :)
File: FuBar - ChatListFu05-20-07
Posted By: deabith
hi there I have the new 1.3 version and have a problem now. There is a channel that is used by everyone to find a group. I added this channel to the tool, now wow hangs. If i do not load then tool then wow works fine,as soon as I star teh tool then wow hangs and logs me out after a while. so it is the tool. do you hav...