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File: GraphPaper LDB03-20-09
I'm getting error when it tries to...
Posted By: Dissy
I'm getting error when it tries to unzip. Says 'Operation not permitted.'
File: zBrokerClock12-23-08
Any chance to get it uploaded in a...
Posted By: Dissy
Any chance to get it uploaded in a format other then Rar? Mac's can't open Rar files. Zip is more universal.
File: Mapster10-24-08
Great replacement for Cartographer....
Posted By: Dissy
Great replacement for Cartographer. Only one minor (well, I think it would be a minor adjustment) is the 'mapster' button on the tip right. It is exactly where Questhelper has their button. Any chance it can be moved easily?
File: Necrosis LdC10-18-08
Re: It's back!!!
Posted By: Dissy
Thank you so much for the update :) Now if I can just get totemus updated I'll be in heaven.
File: Totemus10-17-08
Re: Update for WotLK needed!!! ;-)
Posted By: Dissy
Yes, please I beg you, somebody update this this. My son and I both have Shamans and thought this was a great addon. I tried all the shaman addons I could find and nothing beat Totemus. I'm now searching once more for something to replace it. Would still go back to Totemus, it has everything a Shaman needs.
File: ArkInventory10-17-08
I am so lost without this addon. T...
Posted By: Dissy
I am so lost without this addon. This rework does now show up and can set profiles. Only problem I have now is that I can't do anything with catagories. Currently all my items are in the one section and nothing in the 5 default catagories. Not sure what those are also, didn't see where I could have the 'name' show up like the old...
File: FuBar - GarbageFu05-26-08
I just downloaded GarbageFu on 5/26...
Posted By: Dissy
I just downloaded GarbageFu on 5/26/08 (direction from wowace) and it is working! Version 75126.1. I really love this addon and glad to see that somebody is keeping it alive.
File: Reagent Restocker02-26-08
I just downloaded this addon tonigh...
Posted By: Dissy
I just downloaded this addon tonight (2/25/08). I can't add any items to the shopping list. This is the error I get when I hit enter: Interface\AddOns\ReagentRestocker\Core.lua: 475: attempt to call global 's' (a nil value) Any help would be appreciated.
File: Checklist202-05-08
Re: Re: Trouble Downloading
Posted By: Dissy
Originally posted by Quezacolt I use Windows so I wasn't aware of that. Very interesting... Yes, there was a change in the way the files were zipped - earlier versions were zipped with WinRAR, while 2.0 was zipped with WoW UI Designer. It works fine on my PC though. I have just uploaded a new copy zipped with WinRAR, which ha...
File: Checklist202-04-08
Trouble Downloading
Posted By: Dissy
I have checked with 2 other Mac users and the file is not downloading properly for us. The version is fine (and does work with 2.3). Not sure what is happening with mac users in downloading. What happens is the file that is downloaded after being unzipped is "Checklist2b2" and inside is all the lib files and some apple...
File: RatingBuster12-02-07
Is there a way to disable the print...
Posted By: Dissy
Is there a way to disable the printout in the chat box each time I cursor over an item. It seems to be telling me the same information that my tooltip does. I didn't have that before with the previous version and would like to turn it off.
File: Its' Polyquip11-04-07
When I type /polyequip, I do not ge...
Posted By: Dissy
When I type /polyequip, I do not get a list of commands. I saw in the file you have quips for teleports, but they are not working. If this is disabled by default, what command turns them on?
File: Bongos207-06-07
Profile Won't Stick
Posted By: Dissy
Bongos Version 1.5 I've have searched and I have turned off BongosFu. Still the profiles will not stick. Anybody else having these problems? I'm not sure whether to reload Bongos or to move to a different program. Would much rather use Bongos, but having to select profile each time is bothersom. Mainly because i have no menu...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-22-07
Fubar not loading for me either sin...
Posted By: Dissy
Fubar not loading for me either since 2.1. Although I did ask in game if any where using Fubar. Got a response that they were and it was working for them. Anybody else have it working? or not?
File: FuBar_PetFu03-18-07
Pet XP
Posted By: Dissy
Is there something I'm missing? The XP for the pet never changes. Can somebody help me out with getting it to work properly? I'm level 16 with a level 16 cat, it's xp is at 0/4000 and has been that way after xping with him.