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File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu11-04-08
Originally posted by rullstolsbroms...
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Originally posted by rullstolsbroms Would also like the modded code.. if you can.. could you upload it to some host so more people could benefit from it? He had it uploaded here but someone at WowAce didn't like the fact that he wasn't the original author so they had it taken down. It was up for about a day. So he's stuck email...
File: FuBar - BagBar10-23-08
Minor but annoying bug for me, comi...
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Minor but annoying bug for me, coming from Titan Bags and even BagFu, when imitating Bagfu and only showing one bag, can you make it so the clickable area(to open your bags) includes the text area(that shows used/total bag slots)? It's just something I'm used to.
File: FuBar uClock10-23-08
Any chance of getting a 12hr format...
Posted By: Cerag
Any chance of getting a 12hr format with am/pm?If it's there now, I'm just not seeing it. Thanx